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Why Us?

We are dedicated to bringing quality hand-crafted products to the market in order to reconnect with nature and make it's natural beauty available for all. 

Where we are

We have suspended our market participation over the winter but are looking forward to the summer with a new look and product line.

Who We Are

Mystic Willow was created to bring Diamond Willow products to the open market. We specialize in Walking Sticks and Canes but do have Decorative pieces available when the appropriate wood is available.

We use only dead-fall, naturally dead, or storm killed wood. No green wood is used in any of our products and all wood is obtained locally.

Crafting these items by hand allows us to work with the natural beauty of the wood and make sure that the wood is used in a way most appropriate for it's natural shape and colouration.

Since we source all the wood locally ourselves we have a wide variety of custom adjustments available. Walking sticks and canes can be modified in length, type of handle or accessories desired. We have access to lots of wood but it is supplied by nature and the actual texture or colour of the wood can not be guaranteed.

If you have an idea or request feel free to drop by the market, or email us for more details and possibilities.